You asked, we answered... take a look at our FAQs!

Q. I've signed up but haven't received my Welcome Drink email?
A. We're sorry that the email hasn't arrived. The email may have slipped into your Junk folder, so have a peek in there first. If not, we can check our database, simply contact us

Q. I've signed up but not got my 10% off drinks or 20% off food emails, why? 
A. To receive the 10% off drinks and 20% off codes, you must opt in to our emails. If you haven't done this, don't worry - it's simple! All you need to do is sign up again and tick that little opt in box. If you still haven't received your email, it may have gone in to that pesky Junk folder.

Q. I'm looking for sponsorship for my Team and Society, can you help?
A. From Basketball to Book Club, we love supporting University Teams and Societies and have a number of options available. Contact us for more information. Alternatively, pop in to your local Uni Crew pub and speak to a member of the team. 

Q. Where can I redeem my Uni Crew offer?
A. We're glad you asked! We have over 130 pubs and bars where you can redeem your offers nationwide. Let's find your local Uni Crew pub...

Q. Do you have any jobs in your Uni Crew pubs?
A. Fancy being on the other side of the bar? We are always looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving team members in our pubs. Sound like you? Take a look at out job opportunities here!

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