Spooktacular Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, which means three things:

1. Dig out those horror films
2. Bulk buy bags of sweets

What to wear at Halloween

If you are heading out this Halloween for a frightfully fun night out, you might be wondering what costume to wear. We have worked with Smiffys to bring to you what we think are the best Halloween themes to inspire you:

Throwback Movie Characters

Pay homage to nostalgic movie characters such as Ghostbusters, The Addams Family & Top Gun

Mythical Creatures

Embrace the magical side of Halloween by dressing up as mythical creatures like a unicorn, dragon, phoenix or mermaid

Time-Traveling Theme

Take a journey through different eras by dressing up in a historical outfit from the Roaring Twenties, the 90s or the Swinging 60s.

Classic Horror Icons

Embrace the spooky side of Halloween by dressing up as a classic horror character like Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, the Bride of Frankenstein or a wicked witch.


Need we say more? Add a little pink to Spooky Season with the trend of the year. Plus, Barbie & Ken make an iconic couples costume!

Celebrate Halloween at a Student Bar Near You

Don’t forget to plan your night out!

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