Working at a pub as a student can offer several benefits that can enhance both your personal and professional development.

Here are our Top Ten reasons as to why you should consider working with us at your local Uni Crew pub!

Flexible hours – it’s extremely necessary for students to be able to have flexible hours when it comes to work to balance studies with work. This flexibility allows you to accommodate your class schedule and other commitments more easily.

Social skills – working in a pub can enhance your communication and social skills. You will interact with a diverse range of customers, which can help you develop your interpersonal abilities and improve your confidence in social situations.

Teamwork – pubs normally have a team-oriented work environment where you will need to learn to collaborate with co-workers to ensure smooth operations.

Customer service experience – serving customers at a pub allows you to develop strong customer service skills. You will have to learn how to handle different types of customers, work in different situations, resolve conflicts, develop patience and empathy and provide excellent service, these are all valuable assets in any career.

Financial independence – working in a pub can provide you with a steady income, helping you become more financially independent during your student years. These are essential skills for later in life.

Networking opportunities – pubs are often social hubs, attracting various individuals from different backgrounds. Working in this environment can help you meet people who might be useful in your future career.

Time Management – juggling work and studies will help teach you time management skills. You’ll need to learn to prioritise tasks, meet deadlines and efficiently manage your time to create a healthy work-life balance.

Insight into the hospitality industry – if you are considering a career in the hospitality industry, working at a pub can give you a first-hand look into this field. You’ll gain insights into how a business operates, the challenges they face, and the various roles involved. This can give you an upper hand when it comes to applying for future job roles.

Fun and dynamic environment – pubs are often lively and exciting places to work. You will encounter different events, live music and a vibrant atmosphere, making your work experience enjoyable and engaging.

Staff discount – enjoy your next night out with staff discount on food and drink as well as VIP entry into all Stonegate managed pubs, bars, and clubs. You’ll also have access to even more discounts from high-street retailers, travel, and much more.

Overall, working at a pub as a student can provide you with a well-rounded skill set, boost your confidence, and start your professional career on a great path. It also allows you to have fun and make friends for life. If you do choose to work at a pub, make sure you make the most of the experience by learning as much as you can that will help you in your future career.

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